Hospital Manager

My name is Brittany, I have been involved in the animal field since I was a little girl. I actually worked with my mom doing kennels, assisting with spays and neuters. I’ve worked with feral cats, all breeds of dogs, and most breeds of cats. I have been working on staff at veterinary practices for 5 years now, and I love it. I am all about giving the furry critters love, and I actually have three of my own. I have a 5 year old Devon Rex (Arcas), and a 2 year old Ragdoll mix (Bentley), and a 3 year old Chihuahua (Tysin) , whom I call my son. I have lived in Daytona Beach my entire life, and began studying at Daytona State College in the fall of 2008. I look forward to meeting you and your furry friend. God Bless.



Veterinary Technician

Hey everyone, I’m Amanda.  On my free time I love to hang out at the doggie beach with my little Yorkie named Knuckles.  We do everything together.  I’ve been a Kennel technician for about 3 years now, and now I think it’s time to try something new.  I’m new to NVC, and super stoked to learn all there is to know about working with animals.  I am learning new things at work every day, and can’t wait to see where all of my new knowledge will take me!



Veterinary Technician & Inventory Manager

Hi, my name is Monique and for as long as I can remember I have always had a special love for animals.  I was the one who was constantly bringing home lost, stray or injured animals to nurse back to health.  I have been married to a wonderful man named Robert since 1998 and we have three beautiful children together; Gunner, Daisha and Ashtin.  I live locally and enjoy the outdoors.  I have a houseful of pets and can’t wait to meet yours!



Client Care Coordinator

Hi Edgewater!  My name is Lauren and I am the CCC here at Newman’s of Edgewater.  I’ve been in veterinary medicine for over 4 years now and I can’t wait to welcome you into our veterinary family.  I grew up in New Jersey but I’ve been in Florida for nearly 10 years now.  In my off time, I enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and relaxing with my husband and son.  We share our home with one dog and three cats!

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